Do you have a busy schedule and struggle to make it across town for appointments?  Do you live in rural Alaska?  Do you prefer to do things virtually?

Telehealth allows for counseling via live video conferencing with the use of a computer or smartphone.  With Telehealth you have the entire therapy session digitally.  It is required to have a video camera so that you can connect virtually. 

Tips for setting up successful telehealth sessions.

LOCATION – Quiet Room

Choose a room that is large enough to move around in but not so large that it is distracting.  Some youth may prefer a desk.  Limit the distractions in the room.

PRIVACY – No Visitors

Ensure that the space affords your youth privacy.  Assess if a sound machine, fan, or radio is needed outside the room. Your counselor will confirm that no one else is in the space at the start of your session.

TECHNOLOGY – Reliable, Secure Wi-Fi

Set your session up on any internet-connected device that has video and audio capabilities.  Check the lighting to ensure your counselor can see you.  Some youth may prefer to use headphones.

SAFETY – Caregivers Remain Available

Caregivers are to remain available in-person for the duration of the session and are able to join at any time.  Caregivers, please keep your phone on-hand to answer any calls from the counselor.