Rates & Insurance

Investing in your future.

Playful Connection Counseling is an Out-Of-Network Provider; however, therapy services are often covered by many insurance companies plans through out-of-network coverage.  Please check with your insurance carrier to see what the out-of-network coverage is for mental healthcare if you would like to explore this option.

As an Out-Of-Network provider, payment for services would be expected at the time of service, or a “cash pay” service. 

Many families utilize their flexible spending accounts to pay for therapy sessions up front and submit their superbill statement to their insurance for reimbursement. 

The choice to not affiliate with an insurance company as an in-network provider is to streamline services to you.  I choose to not be limited by the policies and procedures of insurance companies, and instead, keep my focus on therapeutic strategies, your goals and your objectives. 

​The current rate per session hour is $230.

The current rate for an intake session is $300.